AP PRO INTERNATIONAL private security, auditing, and international training services.

AP PRO INTERNATIONAL is a French company that is expanding internationally to export its expertise and excellence beyond borders. Whether in France or abroad, AP PRO INTERNATIONAL offers high-quality services that meet the specific needs of its clientele. With its international presence, the company is committed to bringing its expertise and professionalism to a broader audience while maintaining its dedication to providing customized solutions to ensure security in all types of companies.





AP PRO INTERNATIONAL is proud to offer a comprehensive range of security, training and auditing services to businesses worldwide. Our team of experts specializes in each field, ensuring exceptional professional experience for our clients.

AP PRO’S INTERNATIONAL security team🛡️works tirelessly to ensure our clients can face both internal and external threats. We provide customized security solutions to protect both tangible and intangible assets, as well as to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

AP PRO’s INTERNATIONAL training center🎓works with you to help them acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with security situations. We offer security training, close protection training, crisis management training, as well as tailor-made training based on your specific needs.

AP PRO’s INTERNATIONAL auditing🔎 service conducts rigorous evaluations of your companie’s security systems to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. We also offer vulnerability assessments to identify gaps in current security systems and develop action plans to correct them.

Joint us in this mission and together we can build a safer and more secure future for all.

What is a security audit ?

A security audit is a meticulous evaluation conducted by qualified and impartial experts, specifically focused on aspects related to security within the company. The main objective of this audit is to verify the robustness of the company’s security system, identify potential vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with prevailing security standards.

During the security audit, the auditor will assess all relevant elements such as surveillance systems, access controls, emergency procedures, risk management, IT security policies, and other key aspects crucial for the company’s protection.

The audit also helps determine if employees are well-informed about security procedures, following best practices, and if additional training is required to strengthen the security culture within the organization.

The approach of the security audit is primarily preventive, aiming to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities before they turn into security incidents. It is an essential tool to ensure the protection of the company’s assets, the confidentiality of sensitive data, and to maintain business continuity in unforeseen events.

After completing the security audit, the results will be shared with the company’s management. In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, specific corrective measures and action plans will be developed to enhance the overall security of the establishment. These measures may include implementing new security policies, providing additional training for staff, improving surveillance systems, or any other necessary action to enhance resilience and protection against security threats.

In conclusion, a security audit is a vital process to identify potential risks and strengthen the company’s security. It ensures compliance with prevailing security standards and fosters a strong security culture within the organization. By implementing these proactive measures, the company can reduce the risks of costly and damaging security incidents, while also enhancing the trust of its customers and partners.

Our trainings

AP PRO INTERNATIONAL is a renowned French company specializing in training for the fields of security, safety, and shooting. Our training center offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to meet the specific needs of professionals.

Security Training

Bodyguard / SIA / PSD (Protective Security Detail Training Course)

Our security training covers various essential aspects for professionals in the sector. This includes risk management, prevention and counter-terrorism, protection of individuals and assets, security of critical infrastructures, and crisis management. Our programs are developed by seasoned experts in the field, providing in-depth and practical expertise.

Safety Training


 In the realm of safety, our training aims to enhance the skills necessary to ensure the safety of sites, events, and infrastructures. This involves implementing access control systems, managing safety-related risks, preventing malicious acts, and handling crisis situations.

Shooting Training


Firearm Shooting

We also offer advanced shooting training for professionals seeking to improve their skills in firearm use. Our programs encompass precise shooting techniques, tactical training, and mastering safety procedures for responsible firearm use.

At AP PRO INTERNATIONAL , our priority is to provide high-quality training, tailored to the specific requirements of each sector. We ensure that our participants acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their duties with professionalism, efficiency, and safety.

We are pleased to inform you that AP PRO INTERNATIONAL  holds the Qualiopi certification in France. This certification reflects our commitment to the quality of our training. It is awarded by an independent organization and attests to our professionalism and dedication to delivering high-level training programs.

With this certification, our clients can be assured of receiving training that meets the highest standards of quality and relevance. We take pride in this recognition and remain committed to maintaining a high level of excellence in all our training activities.